Hajimemashite, Sonoda Yuki da. Yoroshiku.

>>> print “hello world”
>>> name_j = u”\u5712\u7530\u7531\u7D00″
>>> n_romaji = “SonodaYuki”
>>> age = u”u\2588″
>>> sex = “Shoujo”
>>> location_j = u”\u79C1\u7ACB\u5927\u6771\u5B66\u5712\u4ED8\u5C5E\u4E2D\u5B66″
>>> l_romaji = “Shiritsu Daitou Gakuen Fuzoku Chuugaku”
#Hey, nice to meet you, my name’s SonodaYuki.
#I’m at Daitou Gakuen Attached Middle School

Meh, close enough. Welcome to this shiny new blog of mine. Features will be added… eventually. Well, ’till next time, “Stay tune!”


About Hakurei06

A mildly neurotic japanophile with nary a sense of discerning taste to be found. Probably fits most definitions of the term "Weeb", to the detriment of society.
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